Support & Advice

Business advice and support

Connect with our Regional Business HQ team to access business support ranging from general advice about starting and running a business to tailored mentoring and assistance. Helping people to understand what is required to start or grow a small business, develop a marketing strategy, understand cash flow and develop a budget are just some of the services that our advisors can offer.

You can make an appointment to speak a Business Advisor to discuss a tailored way we can assist your regional business.


Regional Business HQ offers regular workshops and business events that are designed to help you to grow your business capabilities, connect with the latest business advice and information and to build your networks with other local businesses.

Our workshops are offered in both a face to face and virtual format so that you can access them in a way that best suits your needs and time availability.

Business Support Services

Whether starting out or taking the next step in growing your business you need someone with experience in your corner. The Regional Business HQ team has a knowledge base that spans many areas, and below are just some of the support services we can help you with:

  • Business start-up essentials
  • A realistic and workable business plan
  • Marketing advice and services
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • HR and staff management
  • Adoption of digital tools
  • Tailored training and workshops
  • Key documents such as Capability Statements, tenders, and major reports

Starting or growing a business is challenging. However, with a clear plan, strong foundations, and the right people helping you, the road to success is yours for the taking.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & PR is much more than bright lights and flashing signs (although, sometimes that might be part of it). It’s the art and science of knowing: who you are talking to; when, where, and how to reach and attract them; what to say; and why you’re saying it. Regional Business HQ can assist with integrated marketing and communications services to help you answer those crucial questions.

  • Marketing plans
  • Specific campaigns
  • Market research
  • Online and offline media strategy
  • Product launches
  • Copywriting
  • Brand messaging for businesses and individuals
  • Crisis communications

Grow your brand, your reputation, and your business with the right strategy behind you.

Staff Management & Development

At Regional Business HQ, we recognise the importance of efficiently managing and developing your team. Our advisors can assist with innovative solutions from digital tools to streamline your human resources functions to training and development to enhance skills and increase capability.

  • Implementing digital HR and management tools
  • Generalist HR advice
  • Workplace conflict resolution (RBHQ has a Nationally Accredited Mediator on staff)
  • Communication skills training
  • Personality profiling
  • Career and leadership coaching
  • Organisational change management

Get in touch with us today to discover more about our cutting-edge people management and development services.

Our funded programs

Digital Solutions Program


Is your small business making the most of the digital world? Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities for your business!

Satellite controlled farm machinery in a field

Business Disaster Preparedness Program

The Business Disaster Preparedness Program provides businesses with a quick reference guide to use in their next emergency.