Support & Advice

Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Wide Bay-Burnett region can receive practical assistance and support through our team of Business LEAP Entrepreneurship Facilitators.  Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide a free service funded by the Australian Government to encourage people to start their own business and create opportunities for self-employment. 

One to One advice and support

Connect with our Business LEAP team to access free support ranging from general advice about starting and running a business to tailored mentoring and assistance. Helping people to understand what is required to start or grow a small business, develop a marketing strategy, understand cash flow and develop a budget are just some of the services that our facilitators can offer.

It is free to make an appointment to speak with your local Entrepreneurship Facilitator and they can either visit you in your business, meet you in one of our office locations across the Wide Bay Burnett region or organise a virtual meeting or phone call with you at a time that is convenient.


Regional Business HQ offers regular workshops and business events that are designed to help you to grow your business capabilities, connect with the latest business advice and information and to build your networks with other local businesses.

Our workshops are offered in both a face to face and virtual format so that you can access them in a way that best suits your needs and time availability.

Resources and Tools

For brand new business owners and business owners-to-be, you can find insightful and knowledgeable resources available below. They cover Registration, Marketing and everything in between through a selection of curated articles

Starting a Business Resources


Business planning can give your business direction. Use our tools and templates to help you.


Learn how to set up a bookkeeping system, manage your cash flow and prepare for tax time.


Understand your responsibilities when dealing with staff, contractors and customers.

Risk Management

Manage risks and protect your business. See how insurance, health and safety laws and cybersecurity can help.

Register an ABN

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your business to the government and community.

Trademark Registration

Before applying for your intellectual property right, you should do a comprehensive search to make sure that it isn’t already registered.


Find the registrations, licences and permits you need to start or run your business.


Research your market, reach your customers, get online and stand out from the crowd.

Product & Services

Find out how to sell your product or service, import or export goods and locate a supplier.

Starting your Business in QLD

What you need to know to help you get into business if you live in Queensland.

Check for Available Business Names

Use this tool to check if your proposed business name and Domain Name is available.

ATO Business Benchmarking

Small business benchmarks are a guide to help you compare your business’s performance against similar businesses in the same industry.

Growing your Business Resources


Changing your business structure or ownership can affect your registrations and tax obligations.


Improve the way you run your business by creating effective processes, products or ideas.


Reach new customers by exporting your goods to offer your products to new customers.

Federal Grants and Funding

Find grants, funding and support programs from across government to help your business grow and succeed!

QLD Grants and Funding

As your business grows you may need to employ additional staff with new or different skills, or possibly employ people for the first time.

Business Plans

Updating your business plan regularly helps you adapt as your business grows.

Change and cancel registrations

If you sell, close or change your business you will need to update or cancel your registrations.


Reach new customers by importing goods to offer new products to your customers.


As your business grows you may need to employ additional staff with new or different skills, or possibly employ people for the first time.