Digital solutions

Helping Small Businesses Take The Digital Leap

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is crucial for businesses of all sizes to adapt to stay competitive. Your digital journey starts with the Digital Solutions program. Upskill and learn how to adopt digital tools and new technologies to support your business growth.

Regional Business HQ is proud to be Business Foundation’s delivery partner for the Digital Solutions Program.


All Your Digital Needs

Fill out of our 15 question digital assessment, which will provide us with the key information about your online presence, digital back office and level of data security and business protection. This will help us to tailor an individualised plan to help you take your digital leap.

Get The Right Advice To Get It Right The First Time

Choosing the best digital tools and applications can be challenging, with so many options it is hard to know which ones will help to transform your business.

With the help of a digital advisor and their technical knowledge, you will be guided through selecting the right digital applications the first time. This will help you will save time and resource, increasing efficiency and productivity from the start.

The Digital Action Plan is subsidised through the Digital Solutions Program, allowing your business to receive up to four hours of support from a digital expert for $110 inc. GST.

1:1 Digital Support

Businesses will receive up to 4 hours support from a Digital Advisor to develop a Digital Action Plan that will assist them to understand their own digital requirements and develop a path for implementing digital technology. The plan will include recommendations for digital tool or any training the business may need. Where required a business will be referred to a Digital Expert for more tailored support and training.

Upcoming Events

We invite all small business owners to take advantage of this new program and take the leap towards a successful digital future. Join us on this journey and unlock your full potential in the digital age.