What is tick?

Regional Business HQ is a licenced deliverer of Tick Personality Profiles. Tick profiling tools and resources are simple, cost effective and easy to use, and help all types of organisations to help improve understanding of self and others. These tools assist with the improvement of all types of communication between people, and in career choices.

  • To run a business, lead a team or educate students, you first need to understand people. In any given situation two people can, and probably will, respond differently. This is thanks to our personalities.
  • But as a teacher, careers counsellor, HR manager or CEO, this can be a challenge. In teams, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. The same goes for the classroom. A personality-driven method is needed and we’ve got the resources to help you implement this.
  • Tick has categorised millions of personalities into four distinct ‘birds’ – the eagle, peacock, owl and dove. The Tick Personality Profiles, created by legendary speaker and consultant, Des Hunt, have been used in sales training, personal coaching, conflict resolution, career development and personal relationships.
  • By using Tick, you can learn more about yourself (and others), then use it to make better decisions and generate the results you want.

Some of the many applications for the Tick materials are:

  • In Business – Sales/Leadership/Customer Service Training
  • In Schools – Career development / Mentoring programs / Staff Development days
  • At Universities – Career development / Mentoring programs / in Academic programs / staff development
  • For Training Companies – Any sort of Communication training / Conflict Management training
  • For individuals – self-awareness and career guidance

Tick personality profiles


Motivated by Authority and

Wants to have the control and the freedom to get results. Wants to be the boss.


Motivated by Popularity and Applause

Wants to be recognised, thanked and applauded for who they are and what they can do.  Wants to be the centre of attention.


Motivated by the Security of Facts and Systems

Wants to work and live within structures and laid down procedures. Wants to be right.


Motivated by the Security of Belonging

Wants to be supportive and appreciated as an important member of the team.  Wants friendship, approval and to be loved.

Interested in learning more?

Why not try one of the personality profile options below

After you purchase your Tick Personality Profile test, you will be contacted by Regional Business HQ to issue you with your unique Tick code. 

Tick Personality Profile

The Standard Personality Profile Questionnaire can provide you with an understanding of your personality type.

If you answer the questions honestly you will receive a PDF file, emailed to you, giving you a better understanding of yourself. It will give you a summary of the way you are as a person. This report will be a 6-8 page document.

$55.00 inc. GST

Tick Personality Profile (Premium)

The Premium Personality Profile Questionnaire is Tick’s most detailed Profiling Tool, which will provide you with a ‘workbook type’ report for you to read. It will provide an understanding of your personality type as well as sections of interacting with others in many different situations.

The Premium Personality Profile is a 25-30 page document covering the 3 areas detailed further in the description below.

To be purchased singularly or as a group (bulk group purchase includes discounted price)

$110.00 inc. GST

Tick Personality Profile – JobFit

The Jobfit Profile is an online tool, perfect for Recruitment Consultants, HR Managers, Career Advisers, VET Co-ordinators, School Leavers and Job Seekers.

If you answer the questions honestly you will receive a PDF file, emailed to you, giving you a better understanding of yourself and the working environments that you could be suited to. This report will be a 6-8 page document.

$55.00 inc. GST

Regional Business HQ is trained and licensed to deliver Tick Personality Workshops. For more information, visit the Tick website.

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