SEO like a pro! – Online


Get high rankings on Google!

Having strong search engine ranking is one of the most mysterious and frustrating parts of owning a website. Search engine optimisation is the process of making improvements to your website to improve its rankings. Thankfully what works well for search engines also works well for customers!

Here’s what we will tackle in this interactive workshop:

  • Learn about how search engines work
  • Discover what your customers are searching for
  • Write website text so that Google loves you
  • See how to make your website more attractive to a search engine
  • Investigate key Google apps; Google My Business, Analytics & Search Console.
Nicky Jurd is a friendly and approachable geek with an expert skillset encompassing websites, apps, SEO, search engine marketing, social media and online security. Nicky started her company Precedence back in 2000 when the Internet was still shiny and new. She has a strong emphasis on creating profitable websites for their client base of small and medium Australian businesses. Her specialty is in composing and delivering informative, audience-driven training around the effective engagement of customers by small business people through the use of web tools and social media.

SEO like a pro! – Online