Let’s talk about the conversations you are having in your business 

9 July 2024

The quality of any relationship is defined by the conversations that take place within it. Whether it’s a friendship, a romantic partnership, or a professional collaboration, the standard of conversations is integral to shaping the depth and richness of that relationship.

Likewise, when a relationship fails, it can usually be attributed back to poor, or non-existent, conversations.

To quote Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations, this generally happens “gradually then suddenly” where issues grind away and then when the tipping point is reached, the downslide is fast and spectacular.

Sadly, there are many stories of businesses who otherwise had every reason to succeed, but the ‘gradually then suddenly’ effect of low quality conversations caused them to implode.

So, let’s talk about the quality of the conversations you are having in your business. With both your customers and your team.

Regional Business HQ has regular events coming up that can help you make sure you are having great conversations…

TICK Personality Profile Workshop, 17th July 

The TICK system is designed with the ordinary person in mind. TICK’s advantage over other personality profiling models lies in its simplicity and practical application when it comes to more effective communication. Rather than trying to remember complex acronyms or 16 different profile types, TICK is easy to consistently apply to a range of situations.


Speak, Lead & Influence, 20th-21st August

A two-day intensive communication masterclass offering a transformative experience for those pursuing personal and professional growth. Speak, Lead & Influence uses public speaking as the primary platform, however, many of the techniques you will learn can be applied across other communication situations.


Conversations That Matter, 17th October

Workplace psychopaths, narcissists and how to deal with gaslighting.

Featuring organisational psychologist, Dr Vicki Webster, this breakfast event will include an overview of the Dark Triad and the impact of toxic behaviours in the workplace, whether they be displayed by a manager, colleague or direct report. The session will cover what the research says about the best way to cope with toxic behaviours and strategies for having courageous conversations with difficult people.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in masterclasses with Vicki later in the day.

Tickets on sale late July but mark the date in your diary.

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