Stop being attractive to hackers – Online

Most small businesses are accidentally left open to opportunist hackers. Close the holes and secure your business.

We will cover:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Password managers
  • Types of attacks
  • Security software


About Liam Fahey

Liam Fahey is a serial entrepreneur, creative director, photographer and social marketer. He has a proven track record creating online marketing campaigns for companies across different industries, and a reputation for taking businesses from local markets to international markets with the right website design and social media.

Liam believes any business can be successful by creating a marketing plan with a strong focus on branding and capability. He specialises in organic content creation and has been producing content for social media marketing for over 14 years.

With a trade behind him, years building businesses and insights into nearly every industry, Liam is prepared to assist businesses to grow their knowledge.

Stop being attractive to hackers – Online