Stop being attractive to hackers – Online

Most small businesses are accidentally wide open to hackers, but are blissfully unaware of what they’re doing wrong.

Cybersecurity never seems like a priority until you’ve been hacked, and then it’s everything! Being hacked is a bit like being burgled; you feel exposed, vulnerable, and really uncomfortable.

This workshop will help you identify and plug your weak spots. It is an easy, non-technical workshop for people who are uncomfortable with technology and need a patient helping hand to explain what to do differently.

There is loads of time for questions, and you will come away with practical ways to be more secure online and offline.

About Nicky Jurd

Nicky Jurd is a friendly and approachable geek with an expert skillset encompassing websites, apps, SEO, search engine marketing, social media and online security. Nicky started her company Precedence back in 2000 when the Internet was still shiny and new. She has a strong emphasis on creating profitable websites for their client base of small and medium Australian businesses. Her specialty is in composing and delivering informative, audience-driven training around the effective engagement of customers by small business people through the use of web tools and social media.

Stop being attractive to hackers – Online