Startup Sprint Weekend

What is Startup Sprint Weekend?

Startup Sprint Weekend is designed to help you get clarity on your business idea and learn how to communicate it effectively to potential stakeholders.

You will be:

  • Exploring the answers to some key questions
  • Putting together a pitch presentation
  • Learning to deliver your pitch with confidence and conviction

Download flyer (PDF 524KB)

9am to 5pm both days

Price includes lunch and morning/afternoon tea both days.

3 Important Things About This Event

1. Bundaberg’s aspiring entrepreneurs are set for an opportunity to not only experience valuable learning, but also have the chance to pitch their idea to a panel of well-known influencers.

Some participants could have the chance to later pitch their idea to a panel, which will include Dr Glen Richards, founder of the Greencross and Petbarn empire, and judge on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank*. After the Startup Sprint Weekend, selected participants will have a couple of weeks to hone their pitch before presenting it to the panel at the Hinkler Innovation Awards breakfast on 10 November.

2. Unlike other startup events, if you have your own business idea you will definitely be able to work on it, rather than possibly being put into a team to work on someone else’s idea.

3. A lot of the information available about crafting a persuasive pitch is based on the Greek philosopher Aristotle’s appeals of ethos, logos and pathos. While Aristotle’s ideas do still hold some merit today, let’s remember this philosophy is a couple of thousand years old (not to mention the guy also thought the human brain was just a radiator to cool the heart!)

So…how would you like to learn to develop a pitch based on modern research instead?

If you have a business idea that you want to pitch to potential stakeholders, Startup Sprint Weekend is designed to help you craft a pitch using a framework that utilises current communication and psychological research.

Who is This Event For?

Anyone who has a business idea** whether it be ‘just an idea’ or you’ve actually started doing your homework. The weekend is especially designed for those who may have a great idea but aren’t sure how they need to communicate it to get buy-in.

What you’ll need:

  • A team of people. If you don’t have a group we’ll set you up with someone so you can help each other with your ideas.
  • An idea that you want to validate; OR
  • An idea that you’ve already validated; OR
  • If you don’t have an idea, but you have a desire to go through the process, we’ll set you up with someone who wants a team mate.


*Neither Startup Sprint Weekend or Hinkler Innovation Awards are Shark Tank associated events and participants are not offered direct investment opportunities. Panellists may, at their discretion, choose to independently connect participants with potential partners after the event.
**Event organisers may at their discretion disqualify a business idea on legal or ethical grounds. This may include, but is not limited to, ideas that are illegal, involve exploitation of vulnerable people, discrimination, or pornography.

Startup Sprint Weekend