Public Speaking Bootcamp

  • Stayed quiet in a meeting when you know you should have spoken up?
  • Let opportunities pass you by because you would have to speak?
  • Wished you could have a presentation, speech, job interview, sales pitch etc. over again?

Being able to connect with an audience and express yourself with confidence and clarity is one of the most effective ways of achieving better results in your career and business.

As the name suggests, we pack a lot of interactive learning into this one-day training event. You will learn a lot about yourself as well as the art and science of effective communication.


All sessions include feedback, tips and advice on aspects such as managing nerves, using your voice, movements and gestures.

Discovery Session 1

As a group we will explore our challenges with speaking in various situations and begin delving into some strategies involving the pillars of mindset, content, delivery and audience understanding.

Impromptu Speaking

Learn strategies to help you gather your thoughts and respond in a variety of impromptu speaking situations including meetings, job interviews, forums, or any situation when you’re asked to say a few words off-the-cuff.

Discovery Session 2

When it comes to public speaking, sometimes things go well and other times not so well. We will explore some research-backed principles to help you communicate more effectively, not just when speaking, but in a variety of situations.

Persuasive, Informative or Inspiring Presentations

We will discuss how to prepare three different types of presentations before you will choose one to prepare and present to the group.

PLUS, Introducing Another Speaker

When you are the host of the event, it sets a great tone if you know how to introduce others correctly.

A light lunch is included and you are welcome to stay for The Generator’s networking drinks commencing at 4pm.


Before joining The Generator, David Wise ran his own successful communications business which included a range of communication skills workshops and courses. Public Speaking Bootcamp has been developed by David to equip participants with some essential tools they can apply to get better results in their career or business.

Feedback from Past Participants

“I attended David’s recent public speaking course and absolutely loved it! He is one amazing mentor! The skills that you will learn from it and him are invaluable! If you are keen to give it a try you will not be disappointed. From the start to finish, you are provided with access to feedback and the support of someone who wants to help you in your journey of confidence & appeal! ” – Joanne Cole

David is a wealth of knowledge on all things public speaking. I learned many valuable tips and techniques, and feel so much more confident now when speaking and interviewing.” – Tracey McPhee

“Thank you David. You are a wonderful presenter and mentor who seemed to read all of our thoughts and gently move us out of our comfort zones to believe in ourselves.” – Leisa Gardiner

Public Speaking Bootcamp