Neuromarketing through Social Media for business growth – Coorparoo

Neuromarketing combines principles of neuroscience and marketing that can provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour using various techniques to help your business grow:

  1. Understanding consumer preferences to tailor marketing strategies
  2. Optimising product packaging – branding
  3. Enhancing advertising effectiveness
  4. Improving website and user experience
  5. Personalising marketing messages
  6. Testing Product Concepts.

By leveraging neuromarketing insights, businesses can improve marketing and create better targeted campaigns, create more engaging experiences that lead to business growth and customer satisfaction.  Examples will include how this can be incorporated in Social Media and Ad campaigns as well as web design strategies

About Sam Ramakrishnan

Dr. Sathiya (Sam) Ramakrishnan is a trained Neuroscientist from Harvard Medical School, USA. He is passionate about understanding consumer behaviour and leveraging neuroscience to create effective marketing strategies. With years of experience in the field, he has developed a reputation for his deep insights into the subconscious drivers behind consumer decision-making. He was always intrigued by the intersection of psychology and marketing, recognizing the power of human emotions in influencing consumer choices. His consultancy firm aimed to empower business owners with actionable insights derived from the latest neuroscience research, helping them optimize their marketing strategies and achieve their business goals. Sam is not only dedicated to his consultancy work but shares his knowledge and insights with fellow marketers and entrepreneurs through content delivery, training & workshops. The latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence motivate Sam to push the boundaries of neuromarketing to new frontiers. Sam was known for his ability to translate complex scientific findings into simple, yet practical strategies that delivered tangible results for his clients.


Neuromarketing through Social Media for business growth – Coorparoo