Getting started with Canva – Online

In the visually-driven world of digital marketing, compelling graphics can make all the difference. But as business owners we wear a lot of hats, and graphic designer isn’t one of them!

Meet Canva. The game-changing user-friendly graphic design tool – the solution for those without a background in design. This workshop is tailored for small business owners looking to elevate their visual presence without the steep learning curve of professional design software.

We will take a practical look at the Canva platform to familiarise ourselves with Canva’s user-friendly interface, tools, and features. We will also look at the principles of good design, including colour theory, typography, and layout, to create eye-catching graphics. Explore Canva’s vast library of templates and learn how to customise them to align with your business.

From social media posts to presentations, discover how Canva will totally change your outlook on creating visual materials!


Nicky Jurd is a friendly and approachable geek with an expert skillset encompassing websites, apps, SEO, search engine marketing, social media and online security. Nicky started her company Precedence back in 2000 when the Internet was still shiny and new. She has a strong emphasis on creating profitable websites for their client base of small and medium Australian businesses. Her specialty is in composing and delivering informative, audience-driven training around the effective engagement of customers by small business people through the use of web tools and social media.

Getting started with Canva – Online